Miniatures Design Class

The Miniatures are no more than 5"x 5"x 5" in any direction. All the Principals of Design still apply but in tiny
dimensions. At flower shows the miniature designs are staged in small niches to place them in appropriate
scale to their surroundings.


When you click on
these thumbnail images,
you will see the designs at
approximately their true size,
less than 5" x 5" x 5"


Call Karin Guzy  at 770-955-1303
to join the 2007 series of classes

This design is staged
in a Mini-Deco container
from Oasis® that can
be attached to a
package instead of a bow.
The Coral Bells (Heuchera)
flowers give you a
sense of the scale
in this design.
Yellow buttercups look
larger in this miniature
teacup .
These strawflowers are staged
in a half shell to
develop a beach scene.
A tiny copper watering
can is decorated with
the flowers of Grancy Greybeard

Purple statice and fern
fronds are staged in a

Nummularia, or creeping jenny
are the chartreuse leaves
in this mini, staged in
an egg cup.
How small can they
get with brightly colored
lantana in a toothpick
This souvenir mug holds
a small arrangement.
It should not be necessary to say that these designs are presented for the purpose of inspiring creativity among other floral designers.  Designs are the creative product of the designer and should never be copied.