Op Art Class with Margaret Ballard teaching 


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Call Karin Guzy at 770-955-1303 to join the 2007 series of classes at the Marietta Educational Garden Center, Marietta GA

Designer Barbara Bailey handmade the "Placemat" to match the underlay of this design Teacher Margaret Ballard created this design. Margaret changed up the design to make it an exhibition table Op Art.
This Op Art, by Margaret, is staged without a backboard. Another Op Art exhibition table by Margaret.

This design by Fay Brassie features a single flower that really jumps out of this background.

Pril Buege used parts of old toys to create this Op Art design. This design, by Maggie Burns shows how the palm spathe can be used two ways.

Karin Guzy used sisal cones and powdered Rainbow Floral Foam to create her Op Art design. This design, by Betty McGaughey, uses depth created in the background and flourescent colors. Henrietta Rice's design used a changing background to create movement.
This design, by Pat Weaver, is an Op Art in a Small Design format. It should not be necessary to say that these designs are presented for the purpose of inspiring creativity among other floral designers.  Designs are the creative product of the designer and should never be copied.