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Photos of 223rd Anniversary of Battle of Cowpens  January 17, 2004

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Andy Johnson (VA) placing wreath at the monument in Daniel Morgan Square in Spartanburg, SC Andy Johnson (VA) and Larry McKinley (VA) speaking with Georgia State Society President John Gillette Andy Johnson (VA) placing District of Columbia wreath at Cowpens monument.
Andy Johnson, Vice President General of the Mid Atlantic District, waits to present DC wreath at Cowpens memorial Color Guard at Daniel Morgan Square- Jack Ferguson (GA), Andy Johnson (VA) , George Lamp (WV), Mark Anthony (GA), Larry Guzy (GA), Larry Wilson(GA), Bob Turbyfill (GA), Frank Horton (NC) and Richard Ramsour (GA). Jack Ferguson (GA) Andy Johnson (VA), George Lamp (WV) and Larry Guzy (GA), waiting in Spartanburg
Jack Ferguson (GA) , Andy Johnson (VA), George Thurmond (GA), Mark Anthony (GA) and Terry Manning (GA) marching in at Cowpens National Monument The Cowpens flag was carried by Charlie Newcomer of the Georgia Society Each year there is an encampment of re-enactors at Cowpens National Battlefield.
Two pipers enhanced the ceremonies at the Daniel Morgan monument in Spartanburg. Larry Guzy, Vice President General of the South Atlantic District, was the speaker. (text of speech) An impressive array of color guardsmen attended the Spartanburg ceremony honoring Daniel Morgan.
Georgia Society SAR President John Gillette waiting to present Georgia State wreath at Cowpens. Charles Switzer presented the wreath for the John Collins Chapter SAR Gail Scott and Joe Harris, of North Carolina, added some variety to the costumes seen at the event.  They discuss the details with North Carolina Society President Grady Hall and his wife, Trudy.