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Arranged For You

My first e-commerce site was posted on May 12, 2005. It features flower arranging supplies as well educational information about floral designing.  I hope to develop areas where users may discuss their challenges with each other and post their designs and comments about the tips and tricks they have learned.

For books on Floral Arranging click here

Karin's BLOG

I started a BLOG on Thanksgiving of 2005, thinking of it originally as an open discussion platform for my e-commerce site. Now it turns out that it is just an open mind - mine.

Georgia Perennial Plant Association

Many of my favorite sites are to catalogs for plants and to plant associations where I can learn more about perennials. I have been instrumental in putting together the Georgia Perennial Plant Association website, although our primary webmaster is Mr. Rob Mahan. In some instances he has taken the material I prepared and put it together in an attractive format with easy navigational tools to reach what you are seeking. I have prepared some pages and many of the photos used came from my desk. The site contains lots of reference material, including a chronological bloom time calendar compiled by Jim Sneed in Marietta, GA, a northern suburb of Atlanta.

Georgia Native Plant Society

Another site that has lots of plant information particular to Georgia is the Georgia Native Plant Society site. This group is active in plant rescues and has contributed to the McFarlane Nature Park, where I serve as horticulture director.

The Cobb Land Trust Inc.

McFarlane Nature Park is owned by The Cobb Land Trust.  Referred to as CLT, the trust has been active in many areas and their activities within Cobb County Georgia have grown over the past 10 years.

Lee Anne White's Garden Photography

My friend Lee Anne takes beautiful garden photographs and has published and participated in the development of many gardening books.  Her photos have also appeared in horticulture magazines.

We were recently blessed by a visit from Lee Anne to photograph our garden.

I hope you will visit several of the areas of interest within the Froghaven Online website.