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Microbiota decussata                              Back to Conifer Index

Plant Delight predicted size: flat and wide
Dirr prediction: 12" high and spread almost indefinitely


This plant stands alone, literally. A ground hugging conifer that grows happily in the shade. It is not commonly recommended for zone 7 but it has grown vigorously here for 7 years - almost too vigorously since it breaks my heart to prune the elegant branches back at all. Dirr discourages Georgia gardeners from planting it at all, sighting wet, heavy soil as poison to this plant. Cold causes the plant to turn a lovely bronze color in winter, returning to green in spring.

I hate to dispute the experts, but this plant is one of the prizes of my garden. It adds an elegance to the entry that could not be replicated by any other plant. My only concern is that it will outgrow it's space - and I mean soon!