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Thuja occidentalis 'Yellow Ribbon'           Back to Conifer Index

Plant Delights predicted size: 2 ft wide, 8 ft tall

Dirr prediction: 3 ft wide, 10 ft tall

It is important to remember that "dwarf" is a relative term. A full size Thuja can be 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide in cultivation, with the genes to be 60 feet tall in some circumstances.
Thuja occidentalis 'Hetz Midget'
photo to come

Piccadilly predicted size: 20" x 20"
Bloom predicts ultimate 18 by 36 inches
Dirr prediction: "doubtful it will grow over 3 to 4 feet high"

And "midget" is the right name for this little one. I regularly have to trim away the Stokesia that threatens to eat it alive. Sam Jones' prediction is close to the truth so far. If it were not growing so well and looking so happy, I would move it further forward in it's planting bed. When we buy more, we will use them as foreground shrubs.

Thuja occidentalis 'Rheingold'

Piccadilly predicted size: 4.5 ft wide, 3 ft tall
Dirr prediction:4-5 ft tall, 3-4 ft wide
Bloom prediction: 4' x 4' in 10 yrs. (ultimate 14' x 10')

summer color

This plant was at the outer limits of my specs for dwarf conifers. I had set a limit of 4 ft. tall. But the beautiful deep gold coloring was more than I could resist. It is the perfect foil for a bright purple fence that keeps it from falling into the purplish-blue stokesia. In Fall a Lobelia 'Ruby Slippers' is the perfect complement to "Rheingold".
So it gets a little bigger. You have to be flexible.

winter color